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‘Vote for Pedroya’ shirts available online

Shirt worn in the River End on Saturday night plays off a gaffe made by a local news outlet

‘Vote for Pedroya’ t-shirts seen in the River End on Saturday night that play off a gaffe made by 6ABC News are available for sale.

Sons of Ben Tifo Director Ryan Bross made a couple of the Napoleon Dynamite-inspired shirts for Saturday’s game and captain Alejandro Bedoya posed for a photo with the shirt and a Pedroya No. 11 shirt Sons of Ben member Terrence Graf held up in River End after the game.

Bedoya was identified as Alejandro Pedroya in a story about an announcement in Philadelphia for new mini-pitches and soccer fields that Bedoya attended last week. 6ABC reporter Walter Perez later apologized for the mistake.

The shirt is available for purchase on Ryan Bross’s website.