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Doopy Brothers Podcast: Burn that film, Jim!

A surprisingly fun episode after the least fun of Union games... FAMILY EDITION!

Close-up of the flames of a campfire burning at night Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

After such a disheartening loss, we brought into the studio the only person that could cheer us up, our dad! In this special Family Edition, we go over the poor performance that was the RSL game and get into some VAR talk that stems from the game but goes in a couple different directions. After the break we preview the Chicago game as well as some discussion on the Gold Cup, Women’s World Cup, and what a Union affiliated NWSL team could look like. Its a fun one!

Episode breakdown:

  • Luke’s RSL game breakdown
  • VAR rant
  • Doopy Dad’s Gold Cup experience
  • Women’s World Cup observations
  • Union affiliated NWSL hypothetical discussion

Listen to Doopy Brothers Episode #25