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AW to wear BC’s old number

Andrew Wooten will be the fourth player to wear the No. 7 jersey for the Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

When he’s officially added to the roster at the start of the secondary transfer window on July 9, new Philadelphia Union striker Andrew Wooten will become the fourth player to wear the No. 7 jersey in team history.

The number became available when David Accam was traded in May.

Prior to Accam wearing the number, midfielder Brian Carroll wore the number in each of the seven seasons he played in Chester.

Fred, who remains with the organization as the head coach of the U14 team, wore No. 7 in the inaugural season in 2010.

Wooten wore No. 7 for SV Sandhausen in 2. Bundesliga the last two seasons. Prior to that he wore the numbers 8 and 12 at Sandhausen and a variety of other numbers at other clubs.