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Doopy Brothers Podcast: Ilsinho and 10 other guys

Are you getting tired of hearing his name yet this week? Yea we aren’t either

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Philadelphia Union Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

After a rough first half, the Philadelphia Union pulled off one of the most memorable comeback wins in team history. We dive into all things regarding the cheat code/magician/God that is Ilsinho as well as the other 10 players that watched him win this game for us. It was such a fun night and I think it made for a fun episode.

Episode recap:

  • Rough first half, Red Bulls executed well
  • Praying for a point at half time
  • Bad at throw-ins
  • Obviously a good second half
  • Ilsinho, is there an actual way to stop him?
  • Loved the stadium atmosphere and looking up at the dead red bull fans afterwards
  • Updated Power Rankings
  • Field issues/Steel situation
  • Open Cup preview

Listen to Doopy Brothers Episode No. 20