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Doopy Brothers Podcast: Couldn’t break the bunker

And we need Charlie Lyon back.

Photo by Heather Barry

Who knew anyone could talk about a zero-zero draw for as long as we did in this episode? From the bunkering to the lack of finishing, we cover all the frustrating (and not so frustrating) points from the tie with the Sounders. There is even a little slightly heated debate over how Marco Fabian ranks on this team and then we get into our personal Union player rankings.

Episode note:

  • Disappointing but not a completely bad result
  • Great crowd, hope they come out again and we score!
  • Still missing a piece? Will Fabian fill the void needed to beat a bunker
  • Crap shooting all night
  • Does a moral victory matter anymore?
  • Player Power Rankings
  • Portland preview

Listen to The Doopy Brothers Episode 17: Santos