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We’re joining forces with the Doopy Brothers podcast

Virginia-based Philadelphia Union fans are our first podcast on the SB Nation Podcast Network

Luke McClung (left) and AJ McClung are the Doopy Brothers

AJ and Luke McClung no longer live in the area, but that hasn’t stopped them from being any less enthusiastic about their hometown soccer team.

The brothers who live in Fredericksburg, Va. hang out every Monday in AJ McClung’s basement to record their thoughts about the goings on that week with the Philadelphia Union.

They call themselves the Doopy Brothers and we’re happy to announce that their podcast is the first to be part of the Brotherly Game’s entry onto the SB Nation Podcast Network.

The Chester County natives decided to start the podcast this past off-season.

“We were always talking about the Union anyways so we thought maybe others would listen to us talk about it and it would give us a fun new avenue to explore,” said AJ McClung, a school teacher who first moved to Virginia to attend James Madison University. “And if nobody listened, we would do it anyways because we enjoyed just hanging out with a beer and talking Union.”

Neither AJ or Luke, a Kutztown University grad who works as a graphic designer, had much experience with podcasting prior.

“It’s been a fun process of figuring out step by step of how to do all this, as we had no experience in any of it,” said Luke McClung.

Neither listens to the Doobie Brothers much. Intentionally at least.

“I actually was thinking we were a take off of the Blues Brothers, then upon googling it, I was confused at why two cool dudes in sunglasses weren’t popping, rather it was an old band,” AJ said. “Then I realized I was dumb.”

The McClungs approach the Union as the diehard, jersey-collecting fans that they are, talking about their experiences when they get to go to games like they did for the recent thrilling comeback win over FC Dallas, but they also rarely take themselves very seriously. As all good brothers do, they are known to disagree over finer points about the game and remind each other of missteps.

“My favorite part is walking into the recording studio (my basement), drinking a beer to loosen the old vocal chords, planning out an episode, and then just having a fun time talking with Luke,” AJ said. “We mostly record Monday nights and it’s a fun way to start off the week, kind of a break from the grind of the work week.”

Since their first episode released in January, the McClungs have built a following on social media and gotten the word out about the podcast with free stickers they’re giving away to listeners.

“It’s been really cool to create connections with other Union fans through it,” Luke said. “That is the main thing I wanted to accomplish with it, to be able to participate more with the Union fanbase and be apart of that community. We just love the team so this is a good way to channel all our enthusiasm.”

Follow the Doopy Brothers on Twitter and check back on the site for updates of their new episodes. We’ll also be sharing news soon about another new podcast we’ll be launching.