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Fabián calls his injury an ‘ankle sprain’ in Instagram post

Fabián left Saturday’s game against LA Galaxy in the 23rd minute and was later seen on crutches

Morgan Tencza

Marco Fabián confirmed on Sunday in an Instagram post that the injury that forced him out of the LA Galaxy game on Saturday night was an ankle sprain, but it’s still not clear how severe the injury is and when we can expect the star midfielder to return.

Fabián went down in the center circle after making a pass shortly after taking a speculative long distance attempt on goal. He exited in the 23rd minute and was later show on Univision walking on crutches.

In his Instagram message, written in Spanish, Fabián noted that he did not know the gravity of the injury but said he “wanted to convey that whatever it is, I’m stronger and firmer than ever.”

“Nothing and no one will stop me, nor will my attitude change my happiness and my desire to succeed day after day,” he wrote (via Google Translate).