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Fake Frederico Higuaín account on Twitter sparks real conversation about Philly cheesesteaks

Ask Philly fans for food advice and they’ll respond

Philadelphia Warns Cheesesteak Shop Over English Only Policy Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Even people who run fake Twitter accounts need to eat.

When the person behind a fake Frederico Higuaín account on Twitter asked about cheesesteak recommendations for a visit this weekend when the Columbus Crew are in town to play the Philadelphia Union, fans obliged.

Jim’s Steaks. Tony Luke’s. Steve’s Prince of Steaks. John’s Roast Pork. And so on.

Lots of names were thrown out — even Rico’s Lounge in Chester — but the one consensus among those responding seems to be to not go to Pat’s or Geno’s, which seems like sound advice for a friend, but for a Columbus Crew fan?

Yes, of course.

We may hate their team, but many of us celebrated #SaveTheCrew because we didn’t want the rivalry with the league’s first team to end so why not help an out-of-town guest looking for some quality road eats no matter what team they support?

We’d want the same thing when traveling to a road game in another city. For example, a recommendation for the best chili in Cincinnati for the game there on March 30.

The real Higuaín is in his eighth season with the Crew and has played all 270 minutes for the team this season, earning an assist in their season-opening draw with the Red Bulls.