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Must-See Play: Escape act from Chambers, Fontana and Díaz

Anthony Fontana, James Chambers and Saed Díaz combined for a pretty display of fancy footwork and combination to play to escape pressure in Sunday’s Bethlehem Steel match

There were a number of bright moments in Bethlehem Steel FC’s opening week 2-0 win over Birmingham Legion on Sunday, but the one that’s garnered the most attention was a play Anthony Fontana, James Chambers and Saed Díaz pulled off in the 75th minute.

The play started with a throw-in from the right sideline for Legion, which leads to a pass Fontana does well to pick off in traffic. The 19-year-old homegrown midfielder then dishes it to Chambers, who is closed in on by two defenders but is able to get the ball back to Fontana in close range.

Fontana then works his magic, weaving his way through two Legion players in what would make a highlight all its own, but it keeps going when he gets the ball to Chambers, who takes a touch with his right foot and then hits the ball back over his head to Díaz.

Diaz then finds Fontana streaking down the left sideline, who chests it down and the counter is on for the Steel. Unfortunately, Fontana’s pass to a streaking Matt Real is cut out or else Real would have been able to try to beat his man and look for Przybylko streaking toward the right post to add the exclamation point.

The video has more than 200,000 views on Twitter right now.

Well done, boys. Well done.