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Fabián on one-year contract with two club option years for the Philadelphia Union

Despite rumors, Fabián not exactly on a one-year deal

Argentina v Mexico - International Friendly Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

Marco Fabián signed for the Philadelphia Union today in what is probably the biggest signing in the history of the club. Fabián, a veteran of the Mexico national team, joins the Philadelphia Union from Eintracht Frankfurt, where he was on the final year of his contract.

There had been rumors that Fabián was joining the Union on a one-year deal before going to MLS expansion team Inter Miami, but those rumors were put to bed by Sporting Director Ernst Tanner in a conference call with media on Friday.

“We have a one year plus plus options, which allows us more or less we have everything in our hands,” Sporting Director Ernst Tanner told reporters on Friday.

This makes sense from a club perspective, as while Fabián is a legitimately exciting player and still in his prime, he has missed a significant amount of time over the past two seasons in the Bundesliga.

While he was fit enough to play for Mexico in last summer’s World Cup in Russia, if for whatever reason his back gives out and he’s unable to play, the club isn’t on the hook for two more seasons, as it was for Maurice Edu after he went down injured.

Tanner also said that while the Union didn’t pay a transfer fee, they did include a 5 percent sell-on fee for Eintracht. Of course, for that money to be paid, Fabián would have to go elsewhere besides MLS.

Fabián will also have the biggest salary in club history, and while Tanner didn’t reveal it, the players union does make salary information public later in the season, so we’ll be able to know what he’s being paid.

This is a great signing for the Union, and it looks like Fabián will be at the club for at least a year and possibly more if the club picks up their options on him in 2020 and 2021.