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Philadelphia Union ‘reject’ unsolicited jersey concepts, upset fans in video

The video drew heated responses from many people who liked the other designs better

Jersey concepts primarily originating from a “kit leaks” social media account were the butt of the joke in the Philadelphia Union’s latest promo video for their new away jersey.

The video, posted on social media on Monday, shows a number of different unsolicited jersey concepts posted online prior to the official unveiling of the new away jersey and then uses various GIFs to “reject” them all in favor of the new jersey.

The design concepts originated from three sources on Twitter: five of them were posted on the account Juicy Union Kit News, one by Philly Union Nation and another by the account for the Doopy Brothers podcast.

Juicy Kit News took the gentle ribbing of designs the post referred to as “great ideas” in stride.

Many fans, however, perceived the video as the team mocking fan submissions even though the jersey concepts were unsolicited and never part of a contest like the one our friends at Philly Soccer Page did with their recent design-a-kit contest. (A missed opportunity, perhaps?)

Among the critiques was a common refrain that every one of the jersey concepts — one featuring an Entenmann’s logo instead of Bimbo seemed to get a lot of love — was better than the actual new away jersey.

Another concern about not getting the designers’ permission or crediting them could have been easily avoided had the digital team reached out directly to the three accounts and gotten them on board with it ahead of time. Of course, they could have also avoided it altogether by creating their own concepts and just rejecting those instead.

Naturally, the Union Hulk Twitter account went a step further with a video response that flipped the script from rejected jersey ideas to rejected players who have played for the Union in the past.

Below are all seven of the jerseys shown in the video.