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Two-thirds of the Elliotts in Philly pro sports meet when Jack Elliott and Brian Elliott swap jerseys

Philadelphia Union defender Jack Elliott and Philadelphia Flyers goalkeeper Brian Elliott met on Monday

Philadelphia Union

Two of the three pro athletes in Philadelphia with the last name Elliott met up on Monday when Philadelphia Union defender Jack Elliott paid a visit to the Philadelphia Flyers and Brian Elliott.

The two Elliotts exchanged jerseys in a photo-op that ended up making the other pro athlete in Philly with the same last name feel left out. Philadelphia Eagles kicker Jake Elliott jumped in on the Elliott party with a simple “hey guys!!” on Twitter.

He then followed it up with a “Next time at least photoshop me into the family photo.” The Union Twitter account happily obliged the request.

Brian Elliott was coming off a Saturday night outdoor game at Jake Elliott’s home stadium — Lincoln Financial Field — that the Flyers won in overtime 4-3 over the Pittsburgh Penguins. Elliott saved 40 of the 43 shots he faced in his 14th start of the season.

The three Philly sports Elliotts hail from three different countries: Jack Elliott grew up in London before moving to the states to attend West Virginia University, Brian Elliott hails from Ontario, Canada, and Jake Elliott is from Illinois.

Monday’s meetup was the second organized in recent weeks.

New signing Marco Fabián met new Sixers acquisition Tobias Harris and swapped jerseys after a Sixers game against the Lakers two days after he signed a contract to become the highest paid player in Union history.