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Doopy Brothers Podcast: Tallahassee Invasion

We got some really fun stories from Mike and Ezra... and not too much Philadelphia Union news to discuss

In this episode we create some sort of discussion on the sparse Union news. The new Bimbo sponsorship created lots of opinions so we get into that as well as where a few of our boys in blue landed in the 22 Under 22 list that was recently released.

The main takeaway from this episode was our interview with Mike and Ezra, Sons of Ben members from Tallahassee, FL. They were really great and gave us some fun stories.

Episode Recap:

  • Bimbo renewed contract
  • 22 Under 22
  • AJ is still hung up on Miami
  • Conference alignment/schedule factors
  • Failed bits
  • *Interview with Mike and Ezra

Listen to Episode #44