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Doopy Brothers: If Sugarman was a Richman

Starting our offseason discussion with a special guest!

As we dip our toes into Union offseason discussion, we go over the current player contract statuses in the first half of this episode. Also, we talk about the team’s depth, what to do at the number 6 position going into the next season and AJ’s lack of interest in this year’s MLS Cup.

To start our offseason of interviews, we were lucky to have our buddy Zac Richman, a huge Union fan living in Lynchburg, VA, on to discuss his story of becoming a Union fan and his perspective on what the Union need to do this offseason. It was a fun conversation and one all Union fans will enjoy.

Episode Recap:

  • Player contract statuses
  • Where to go with the number 6 position
  • Depth of roster
  • MLS Cup and why AJ doesn’t care
  • Interview with Zac Richman

Listen to Episode #41