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A graphic designer’s thoughts on the new secondary Philadelphia Union jersey

Designer, podcaster and Union fan Luke McClung shares his thoughts on the new Union jersey

When new jerseys get released, everyone seems to have an opinion. That being said, with the new Philadelphia Union secondary kit now released, I am here to share the correct opinion, my own… Just kidding. It’s all completely subjective and it’s one of the more enjoyable parts of the off season because new jerseys are just fun.

The design of the 2019 Union away jersey is, in fact, fun. Its look is new and exciting while still showing thought went into it to make it unmistakably a Union kit. Using the snake to anchor the radial design inspired by Sons Of Ben imagery is really great. The pattern is subtle enough to not be too gaudy but will definitely stand out among the sea of white Adidas jerseys throughout MLS. It is definitely unique and just looks fresh. The much discussed Bimbo sponsor logo looks less like a big sticker slapped on a jersey than previous years and blends as well as it can on this jersey. I’m interested to see all the different back tags, a small but still cool feature.

With the exception of maybe the first year’s khaki kit, the Union have had relatively tame secondary jerseys that, while not all bad looking, have been mostly forgettable. This kit is the first secondary the Union have had that actually excites me. I am one to often buy soccer jerseys (probably too often) and thought I might need to take this year off and wait til next year’s refreshed primary. But one look at this jersey and I knew the only decision left to make was what player I’d want to put on the back. This is a decision I don’t take lightly as history shows I think I curse whichever player I choose (Sorry about that, David Accam).

One thing that is certain is that it is impossible to please everyone, especially a fanbase that grows hungrier by the year. I know there will be few that will try, but I struggle to find many complaints about the 2019 Union secondary jersey. It checks all the boxes from a design perspective as well as from a fan’s. However, the best part about new jerseys is that it signifies the start of the season being right around the corner and I plan to be rocking this jersey (most likely under a few layers) on March 2 in Chester.

Luke McClung is a Fredericksburg, Virginia-based graphic designer who has a cat named Andre (after Andre Blake, of course) and hosts a podcast all about the Philadelphia Union with his brother AJ called Doopy Brothers. Check out his work at and follow him and his brother at @doopybrothers on Twitter.