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Sergio Santos Instagram post shows Union jersey with one-color Bimbo logo

Photo of home jersey shows Bimbo logo that isn’t red, white and blue

Is the red, white and blue Bimbo logo being replaced by a one-color one?

It sure looks like it. New Philadelphia Union striker Sergio Santos may have revealed more than just his jersey number in a Instagram post on Monday.

UPDATE: The team has confirmed that the Bimbo logo will be one color for 2019

While the photo of the back of his “Doop Hoops” home jersey shows his name and the No. 20, the photo of the front shows the Bimbo logo in one color: white.

(Shout out to Raymond P.R. on Twitter for pointing out the one-color Bimbo logo on Twitter in response to our earlier article about Sergio Santos.)

The Union wore a jersey with a one-color Bimbo logo last season, but it was a black and white one-off for Earth Day as part of a league-wide partnership with Parley for the Oceans.

If this is indeed the new style for both the home and away jerseys, it will be a welcome change but likely won’t do anything to change the general opinion that having Bimbo on the front of a jersey hurts sales.

The current deal with Bimbo Bakeries expires at the end of 2019.

Tim McDermott, the Union’s chief business officer, acknowledged at a Town Hall event in October that there were discussions with the company about the possibility of using a different brand on at least one of the team’s jerseys. Among the company’s many brands are Sara Lee, Entenmann’s, Stroehmann’s and Thomas’.

“They have a lot of household name brands and so we’re in discussions with them about what does that look like if they were to use Bimbo on a jersey or another brand on a jersey,” McDermott said at the time. “The new rules in MLS allow you to basically put a brand on a home jersey and a different brand within the same parent co. on the away jersey so those allow us flexibility and something that might be interesting for Bimbo so we’re in discussions with them and as you might expect we’re exploring other opportunities as well.”