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Junior Lone Star FC rebrands as Philadelphia Lone Star FC

Club announced the rebrand and unveiled a new logo on Monday

Say goodbye to Junior Lone Star FC and hello to Philadelphia Lone Star FC, the new brand for the local club formed in 2001.

”After 18 seasons as Junior Lone Star FC, I think this is the right time to make a change so that we can promote our club better to all residents in the City of Philadelphia,” club president Paul Konneh said in a statement. “I only see this as a win-win situation where we recognize the City of Brotherly Love and at the same time keep our heritage intact.”

The Lone Star name, which pays homage to the national team of Liberia, and the red, white and blue color scheme will be kept as part of the rebrand and the club will continue to compete in cup competitions, the National Premier Soccer League, United Premier Soccer League, Northeast Elite Soccer League and at the youth level with U15, U17 and U19 squads. The club also started a team in Liberia earlier this year.

Philadelphia Union midfielder Derrick Jones spent time with the club before joining the Philadelphia Union Academy. So did Union Academy grad and Reading United defender Lamine Conte, a junior at the University of Louisville.

”For me, I think these changes will only be off the field,” one of the club founders and current Under-23s head coach Bobby Ali stated in a news release. “I don’t see anything changing on the field where we will still play the Lone Star way with our same identity and philosophy.”

The design of the crest was created by Robert Boyd of Custom FC in England. Custom FC is a design studio which specializes in sports logos and social media graphics.

”I think that this has been a great redesign to work on and that I hope the fans, and everyone involved in the club are happy with the final outcome and can take pride in its meaning,” Boyd stated.