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Ilsinho deserves more than 4 percent of the vote for Goal of the Week

‘No One Likes Us We Don’t Care’

MLS: New York City FC at Philadelphia Union Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There are some goals where as soon as they go in, you know they are special. Goals you know you’ll be failing miserably to re-enact in the backyard. Ones you’ll tell your grandkids about one day.

Ilsinho’s goal against NYCFC on Saturday was one of those kind of goals.

While not the game-winner, his ridiculous display put the Union up 2-0 en route to their biggest win of the season. But even if it was in a losing effort — heck even if it was just in training — it immediately shot up the list of all-time best goals in club history.

Ilsinho can be a polarizing player, has been since he arrived, but there’s nothing polarizing about this effort.

Somehow (and let’s face it, are we really that surprised?) many voting MLS fans don’t share our enthusiasm.

Last I checked, the Brazilian’s goal has only 4 percent of the vote for MLS Goal of the Week. Part of this is that Atlanta United fans like to stuff the ballot box (Josef Martinez is at 46 percent) and our friends at RSL Soapbox are better campaigners than us for Albert Rusnak (48 percent). Poor Ashley Cole has only 0 percent for a decent left-footed strike and Lee Nguyen just 2 percent for a goal that I would be voting for if not for Ilsinho.

Is there an Electoral College for MLS Goal of the Week?

Please, if you haven’t already go vote. It’s probably too late for him to win, but let’s at least try to get that vote total up to something more respectable than four percent. Four percent.

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