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Rate the U: Keegan Rosenberry is back?

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The third-year right back received the highest rating from our fan vote after the Colorado loss

MLS: Columbus Crew at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

While it was tempting I’m sure to just give every player a downvote following the 3-0 loss to Colorado on Saturday night, our readers certainly didn’t pin the blame of the three goals on right back Keegan Rosenberry.

The third-year defender who struggled to find consistency in his sophomore season has had a much better third season and impressed enough against the Rapids to earn 98 percent upvotes in our poll. In fact, he only received one downvote.

Goalkeeper Andre Blake was second with 81 percent, followed by Auston Trusty at 68 percent and MLS debutant Matthew Real at 58 percent. There was quite a drop-off from there.

Head coach Jim Curtin finished at the bottom of the poll with under 7 percent upvotes, but the new No. 10 Borek Dockal didn’t fair much better with just over 7 percent and Fabian Herbers (9.26 percent), CJ Sapong (12.96 percent) and David Accam (14.55 percent) are where you would expect in a game that saw a Union offense barely threaten Tim Howard and his back three.

Rate the U: Game 3

Player Upvotes Downvotes Percentage
Player Upvotes Downvotes Percentage
Keegan Rosenberry 57 1 98.28%
Andre Blake 48 11 81.36%
Auston Trusty 46 22 67.65%
Matt Real 36 26 58.06%
Anthony Fontana 20 28 41.67%
Cory Burke 19 30 38.78%
Alejandro Bedoya 22 37 37.29%
Haris Medujanin 14 43 24.56%
Ilsinho 12 41 22.64%
Jack Elliott 12 46 20.69%
David Accam 8 47 14.55%
CJ Sapong 7 47 12.96%
Fabian Herbers 5 49 9.26%
Borek Dockal 4 51 7.27%
Jim Curtin 4 55 6.78%