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Rate the U: Keegan Rosenberry it is

Rosenberry was one of only two players to receive more upvotes than downvotes following the 2-0 loss to Orlando City

Philadelphia Union vs Atlanta United Photo Gallery Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

After a demoralizing 2-0 loss to Orlando City Friday night on national television, the question was whether any player would receive a positive rating from fans in our weekly vote.

It turns out only Keegan Rosenberry and Andre Blake impressed enough to have a positive rating, but both weren’t exactly receiving the highest marks either.

Rosenberry received 70.65 percent upvotes, followed by Blake with 54.44 percent. Jim Curtin bottomed the list out with 13.64 percent and left back Matthew Real had the lowest percentage for a starter with 14.44 percent, followed by reserve forward Jay Simpson at 14.29 percent.

It’s an entirely fair result from the Union’s weakest performance yet (losing 3-0 to Colorado at altitude was bad enough but being shut out by a leaky Lions defense at home is a whole new level of ineptitude).

Rosenberry came out on top for the second time this season after receiving a 98.28 percent from the Colorado Rapids game on March 31. Jack Elliott finished first in each of the first two games and Blake came out on top after last week’s 1-1 draw with San Jose.

Below are the results in all their glory.

Rate the U: Game 5

Player Upvotes Downvotes Percentage
Player Upvotes Downvotes Percentage
Keegan Rosenberry 65 27 70.65%
Andre Blake 49 41 54.44%
Jack Elliott 37 60 38.14%
Mark McKenzie 37 61 37.76%
Alejandro Bedoya 35 62 36.08%
Auston Trusty 34 61 35.79%
Ilsinho 32 61 34.41%
David Accam 24 66 26.67%
Haris Medujanin 19 66 22.35%
Borek Dockal 18 68 20.93%
Fafà Picault 19 75 20.21%
CJ Sapong 16 74 17.78%
Matt Real 13 77 14.44%
Jay Simpson 13 78 14.29%
Jim Curtin 12 76 13.64%