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Behind the Banner: Jawns

We get the inside scoop on the Sons of Ben’s latest masterpiece.

“Jawns” tifo for the Philadelphia Union match against the Columbus Crew Ryan Bross

I was able to catch up with Ryan Bross, the Sons of Ben’s Tifo Director about the tifo for today’s match between the Philadelphia Union and Columbus Crew SC. The banner recreates the iconic poster for the 1976 movie “Jaws”, using the ubiquitous cheesesteak in place of the shark and re-titling the piece “Jawns” - that most utilitarian of words from the Philadelphian dialect.

One of the best parts of the tifo is the details Bross incorporated into the design. Take special note of the boat. “Bonus is adding (Crew owner Anthony) Precourt as the coxswain yelling at the original crew logo with a black and green megaphone,” Bross said. Precourt is on the left (west) side and the megaphone’s colors are the same colors used in the astroturf MLS2ATX “movement” started by Precourt Sports Ventures. There’s also a #SaveTheCrew sticker on the boat.

And where on earth would you get a cheesesteak of that size? Jim (Curtin)’s of course.