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David Accam giving back portion of his salary to charity

Accam signed on to charity effort started by Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata back in November

Trey Madara

Philadelphia Union midfielder David Accam is one of more than 30 soccer players around the globe who have signed on to pledge at least one percent of their salary to a charity effort started last year by Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata.

Accam announced his pledge to Common Goal back in November when he was still a member of the Chicago Fire but recently spoke with the Philadelphia Union communications staff about it for a video posted on Friday.

“Common Goal offered an opportunity for players that have the same goals and same aim,” Accam said in the video. “As long as we have the strength and resources, I want to help as much or as many people as I can.”

Accam was the first African to join the movement, an outgrowth of streetfootballworld, and the second from Major League Soccer. San Jose Earthquakes star Chris Wondoloski also signed on last November and USWNT stars Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and Heather O’Reilly are all participants.

The 27-year-old said Common Goal is a way for players to align their efforts to give back to their own communities and serve underprivileged kids.

“As a kid I didn’t really have the chances or opportunities and I’m in a good position now to help people,” he said in the video.

Mata started Common Goal last August and quickly began collecting pledges from other soccer players around the globe.

“Common Goal goes beyond individual brands and egos to deliver a greater impact,” Mata said in the news release announcing the effort last August. “By making the pledge, we can form a lasting connection between football as a business and football as a tool for social change.”