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Penn FC Releases their 2018 Kits

Capelli will once again serve as kit maker and sponsor

Penn FC

When Penn FC let it be known that this would be their “Announcement Week” it was still up in the air what information they would be putting out and whether it would be anything exciting. Well they’ve kept it interesting by announcing some major coaching changes, their first four returning players, and they wrapped things up on Friday by revealing their 2018 kits. And they didn’t even try and drag it out over the course of several weeks. How nice of them.

The new kits are a pretty significant departure from the Harrisburg City Islanders kits of previous years. The white away kit boasts a blue collar, something that hasn’t been part of a Harrisburg kit in some time, possibly ever. And the blue home kit makes a departure from most other Capelli designs by including white sides and sleeves.

Most of the same sponsors return from previous years with a few alterations. The Select Physical Therapy logo has been moved from the back of the jersey to the upper right chest. In addition, a small Rush Soccer logo has been added on the center of the chest above the main sponsor logo. All of this leaves things a little cluttered compared to some other Capelli designs, but nothing on the level of what you see in other leagues.

The overall response to the release online has been mostly positive, with the words “sharp” and “clean” getting thrown around the most. There have also been calls for a third kit which, based on the extra kits of the last two seasons, seems possible.

In an interesting twist, both jerseys should officially debut against the Charleston Battery this year. Look for the white jerseys during Penn FC’s season opener at Charleston on March 24th and the blues should come out for the home opener against Charleston on April 21st.