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Not Great!: Toronto FC 3-0 Philadelphia Union

Yeah, this was bad.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Union entered Toronto with a pipe dream of breaking Toronto FC’s season-long home unbeaten streak or at least a slightly more realistic dream of leaving BMO Field with a singular point. Unfortunately, both of those dreams were smashed early and stomped on for the duration of the match as the Union left the pitch victims of a dispiriting 3-0 defeat to Toronto FC.

Toronto got the scoring started in the 10th minute with a Sebastian Giovinco free kick. Giovinco sent the free kick over the Union’s wall and into the net Andre Blake’s side. Andre Blake appeared to overthink the ball and as a result found himself flat-footed as the ball curled past him and into the net to give Toronto FC the first goal of the match and a lead they would not relinquish.

Toronto FC doubled their lead 20 minutes later, and again it occurred off a set piece, this time a corner kick. Victor Vazquez sent the ball into the box from the corner marking. Once into the box, Nicolas Hasler latched onto the ball completely unmarked and headed it into the net for an easy lead doubler for the home side. Marcus Epps tried to catch up to him as he was heading the ball, but it was too late. Hasler went unmarked for too long, and the Union paid dearly for it by way of a goal.

TFC capped things off with their 3rd goal in the 57th minute by way of spectacular play capitalizing on Union mistakes. Fabinho’s poor clearance was intercepted by Jonathan Osorio. Osorio gave the ball to Jozy Altidore who passed back to Vazquez who went for the give-and-go back to Altidore. Altidore placed the ball into the net past Blake, Toronto had their third, and they cruised from there to the easy 3-0 victory.

The Union had some chances later in the match with TFC up 3-0, including a magnificent diving save from Alexander Bono on Ilsinho. Bono directed Ilsinho’s attempt off the post and out, and it was a legitimate chance for the Union, but down 3-0 in the 63rd minute the breathtaking save lacked any real dramatics within the context of the scoreline. The Union were outpossessed, outmanned, and outplayed throughout the entire evening and nothing was going to alter that.

Up next for the Union, they return home for a match this Saturday against expansion side Atlanta United for the first ever meeting between the two clubs. Right now the Philadelphia Union find themselves drifting further and further from playoff contention. Three points against Atlanta would keep the Union in contention for now, but at this point, one has to wonder if “remaining in contention” and “hope for the playoffs” are two completely different concepts this season.