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John McCarthy isn’t human

A fantastic save was just the beginning

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Sporting KC Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

While we’re used to singing the praises of the Philadelphia Union’s Andre Blake, John McCarthy has been making is case for a Marvel (or DC - we don’t discriminate here) superhero comic - slash - movie franchise about him.

First was this incredible one handed save in the 28th minute off of a great shot by Daniel Salloi. McCarthy could have been wearing a cape there to go along with his flying leap.

Later in the first half, McCarthy went out to make a save on a shot by Saad Abdul-Salaam, and his leg twisted around perpendicular to the ground - at the knee. There’s video of it out there on the internet if you’re really interested in seeing joints bend in ways they aren’t meant to bend, but we’re not posting it because it’s really kinda gross.

McCarthy was down on the pitch for a few minutes before getting up and continuing the half - presumably after talking about going looking for Sarah Connor after the match.