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I don’t need to see these next three home games

My mind is made up

MLS: Toronto FC at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to get straight to the point, I want Curtin out. This is not just me being angry, this is me wanting what’s best for the franchise now and into the future. I don’t need to see how the team responds during these next three home games. I’ve seen enough over the last few years. I realize that I will be called out on this—after all, it's only the first month of the season, and three of the games have been on the road. I can hear the response now, "How can you say that? We traveled to Vancouver and got a point," or “We looked good against Toronto." People please, he got out-coached in Vancouver in the second half. He was unable to beat Toronto without their best player for most of the game. The team was completely flat against a rival and lost to a DC team who didn’t play that well. Oh, and as everyone knows he hasn’t won since August of 2016, back when Trump had a 40% chance of winning the election. A lot has changed, but not our Union.

He is unable to make the proper subs, and when he does, his inability to change the system is beyond reasoning. Take the game against Orlando for instance. He subs in Alberg and takes out Jones, which is a great move because you're down one goal and you bring in offense for defense, except he pushes Bedoya back to Jones' spot. Why? For heavens' sake, why? Now it’s a neutral sub. He has failed to show any kind of tactical growth in his coaching style. The team hasn’t really changed or grown tactically since he’s been in charge. In only one game has he gone away from his precious 4-2-3-1 formation and yet he has a team with two decent strikers. Try them out there together without putting Sapong on the wing. What do we have to lose beside another game?

And to finish my argument he has a worse record than Hackworth. I'll repeat that, the coach that seems to be immune to criticism, has a worse record than the inept Hackworth, who deservedly got fired after stinking up PPL for a couple of years. Curtin's record is worse even though he's had a better roster than Hackworth ever did. It is time to move on. I don’t need to see what happens during this home stand.