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The Union’s stat graphic is depressing

Hello darkness my old friend

Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

You have to feel for the Philadelphia Union’s communications department. They’re the people who run the twitter account that people use to vent their frustrations on the Union’s season out on, as well as the Union’s Facebook page (which is like the twitter account but where your racist uncle can also do the same thing). Through the Union’s toughest season, they’ve been the lone bastion of positivity through it all, usually posting fun .gif’s and some stats that make you think “maybe this isn’t so bad after all.”

Today, the Union posted their “Stats on Stats on Stats” graphic, which again usually highlights something positive to give us hope that the Union can get a good result. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Oh. Oh dear.

In all fairness, there’s been absolutely nothing positive happen when the Union play the LA Galaxy since 2012 - the lone win listed on that bleak, sad graphic. And I know the communications team is putting on a brave face, but...

To quote the Buddha, “Life is suffering.”