Missing pieces on Offense Wasted Salaries on Bench

The departure of Barnetta has really hurt this team the most. Bedoya does not have the skills to replicate his contributions. Passing ability vision and skill on set pieces are not Bedoyas strength. Although Sapong has had 2 goals so far, I don't see him contributing more than 8 goals this year. The same with Simpson. I like Pontius a lot. He is the best offense weapon we have but he can not be expected to carry this team. Herbert's is ok. Ilsinho has never been fit to play for more than 30 minutes consistently. As much Edu is a leader he can not do it from the bench. They have got to release him next year if he can not come back and play a full half season. He and Alberg make to much money to not play at all or come in for 10 minutes a game. Ernie buddy this is bad investment that has got to end. Make a move or kiss this Sarandon good bye.