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Bethlehem Steel FC Change Preseason Dates

Thursday should be a fun one at YSC

Matt Ralph

Bethlehem Steel FC have announced a few changes in their preseason schedule due to potential weather coming in this week. Instead of a Wednesday game away against Harrisburg at Millersville University, HCI has agreed to come down to YSC Sports in Wayne to play at 11 AM on Thursday the 16th instead. Secondly, the previously scheduled friendly against Notre Dame will take place almost directly after at 2 PM on the same day. Weather permitting of course, these games are free and open to the public. So if you don’t want to drive into Chester or Bethlehem to catch the next Derrick Jones, you might want to schedule these two games.

Harrisburg is the only announced USL competition so far in preseason with maybe another game or two in the works. That should be a good test to see just where an improved Steel FC stack up against another decent Pennsylvanian USL side.

Thoughts? Planning on coming out and catching one or both matches? Let us know in the comments and totally feel free to say hi if you’re there. I try to be decently personable.