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Philadelphia Union vs Toronto FC photo gallery

The sights of the Philadelphia Union's home opener, courtesy of Trey Madara.

The Philadelphia Union's home opener didn't go exactly as planned, but then again life is often that way. The coldest home opener in club history saw the Union fight for a draw - something they haven't always been able to do - while dominating the play for a good portion of the match.

One thing was clear. This isn't the same old Union. This isn't even the same Union from last year. This year just feels different. There was a showing of fortitude by the players that we haven't seen much of over the past seven seasons. There was an electricity from the fans that has also been absent for a while. This isn't the same old Union.

Brotherly Game's Trey Madara was on the sidelines, and compiled these stunning images of the march in and the match. It's just like being there, except you can still feel your fingers and toes.