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Sons of Ben start a scarf of the month club

A limited number of slots available for members to sign up for

Ben Franklin

Scarves are an integral part of soccer fandom for a great part of the world. Not every place uses them due to the climate, but in most of the world they’re an accessory that most fans have. I don’t know how many I have - all but a handful of mine are in storage, although I’d put the number somewhere around 50. That’s nothing though, as I know people whose collections are close to a thousand.

The Sons of Ben have decided to tap into that love of scarf collecting by doing a scarf of the month club. Open to the first 100 Sons of Ben members, it’s $160 to join and the members will get eight limited edition scarves - one “for each of the eight regular season MLS months.” Each scarf will also be “new, one of a kind, never to be released the same again” which makes it even more attractive a proposition for those bitten by the collecting bug. Bill Gusler, President of the Sons of Ben, said that “The scarves will be a mix (of themes between Philadelphia, the Union, and Sons of Ben), but more SoB oriented. The people I've talked to are pretty excited about so that always makes you feel better about rolling out a new project.”

Gusler went on to say “This was an idea I had for a while now. It started as more of a loot crate idea with other items, but I figured scarves are more universally accepted in our group - and sought after. We will have a few different designers including Mark Jenkinson, Bill and Alan from Global Scarves (the company we've been using to get our scarves made, including the 2017 membership scarf and the Slayer scarf) are supplying designs, myself, and I have a few other people interested in submitting designs.” As of 10:30 AM today, approximately half of the spots have been sold.