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Philadelphia Union hiring a Chief Tattoo Officer

It’s real alright, and I’m confused.

Philadelphia Union fans Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

Earlier today, you might have seen this floating around Twitter.

On first glance that just looks like a normal MLS job listing. It’s on, it’s got the Philadelphia Union logo and information there, no big deal. Wait, hold on, Chief Tattoo Officer? Like the thing that people used to associate with either delinquents or athletes? I know we like being on the cutting edge around here but this is a bit extreme. For all we know (yes, I actually asked around) this is a real thing. The idea of this is a bit absurd though isn’t it? Will the eventual CTO have a chair set up on the concourse/Toyota Plaza during games? Wouldn’t it be easier for the Union to go and sponsor a local tattoo parlor somewhere local? Maybe do the same thing for a couple artists like they currently do with bars? The whole idea seems really kind of silly if I am being completely honest.

That being said I am in the market for another piece so if the new CTO wants a guinea pig, feel free to comment below. Please attach a portfolio as I would like to know what I’m in for if it ever happens.