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More on songs and chants

The most iconic Philadelphia Union song is revealed, and more on how to get your song sung.

Philadelphia Union vs Sporting Kansas City Photo Gallery Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

Lately there has been quite the conversations around chants ahead of the 2017 season. It started when I asked what the most iconic Philadelphia Union songs were, and then it evolved into how to get new songs started and into the rotation. First, I want to thank everyone who participated in these conversations. It was great listening to your responses - even the less positive ones responses.

With regards to the most iconic, the majority of the responses were for one in particular. Regardless of it not being original to the Union, one stood above the rest to our respondents (NSFW lyrics):

While it might have originally belonged to Millwall, this version is certainly fitting for fans of the Union - and Philly sports fans in general.

With regards to starting new chants, many people had some good ideas about some good songs to try in 2017. I directed them all to talk with the Sons of Ben, as they’re the ones that are the most organized and have the capos to help start the chants. I then followed my own advice and spoke with one of the capos who gave some excellent advice.

He said not to approach the capos during the game, instead to reach out before the game. This is good advice for a few reasons - during the match, the capos are busy trying to direct songs and generate hype and interest while dodging errant shots from MLS players. It also allows the capos to do their homework. They don’t all have an encyclopedic knowledge of all music, and chances are that they’ve never head that really awesome song you’re putting words to.

Try reaching out via social media - the particular capo I talked to said Facebook messenger was his preferred method of communication. Others may prefer email or twitter. Either way, keep creating and singing. No one likes us anyway.