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A note from the Managing Editor

Philadelphia Union vs Trey Madara / Brotherly Game

Fellow Union fans,

For the past three years I have had the honor and privilege of being the Managing Editor of Brotherly Game. I've been able to talk Philadelphia Union soccer with you all every day of my tenure, written countless articles, and interviewed players and coaches about the club that we all love. I am thankful for the opportunity that has been given to me.

I am however merely just a steward of this job - like Kyle, Scott, and Murph before me. You deserve someone who can devote their fullest attention to the happenings at the club. My wife and I are expecting a child in April, and I do not believe I can continue to devote the time required to run the blog. Effective January 1 I will be turning the reins over to John Rossi and Matt Ralph. John has been the editor overseeing the gameday news, while Matt has overseen the Academy and college news. They will continue the great tradition of Brotherly Game and SB Nation - being the voice of the fans for the teams they love.

To the players and coaches I've spoken with, thank you for taking the time. I've enjoyed our interactions, and I wish you all the best.

To my peers, this is a tough job. When the fans think you're being a suck up and the Front Office thinks you're being too harsh, you're doing it just right. You've always got a sympathetic ear from me.

To the staff at Brotherly Game past and present, thank you. I am forever grateful for all that this blog has accomplished and hope I have done it - and you - justice during my tenure.

To my family, thank you for putting up with me doing this. You've let me live a dream. I love you.

Finally to my fellow fans, it's been an honor running this blog. I did the best job I could because you deserve nothing less. Thank you.

I'll continue to write here and there about the Union for this outlet. Like the song goes “It's not about paying dues when you do it out of love” - and I do love it.

Eugene Rupinski