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Press conference notes: The Philadelphia Union’s three call ups to the United States National Team

Chris Pontius, Alejandro Bedoya, and Keegan Rosenberry answered some questions from the media yesterday. Here’s what they had to say.

Philadelphia Union vs Orlando City SC Photo Gallery Trey Madara - Brotherly Game

The Philadelphia Union’s three call ups to Bruce Arena’s United States National Team camp fielded questions from the media yesterday afternoon. Here’s what they had to say.

Chris Pontius:

How experience in camp has helped him
“I’m a lot less nervous. Knowing the camps and knowing what I’m getting into. The first one is like your rookie pre-season where you have to prove yourself to everyone. It’s not exactly the same but it’s kinda like a 10 month season. There’s a lot of guys on this roster that I know and I’m looking forward to getting back there.”

Happy to be involved again
“Not just happy to be involved, it’s an honor to be brought in but I want a bigger role on the team. Looking forward to taking my chances kind of like Sacha Kljestan.”

Got playing time in any other camps
“No. Made the travel roster on the travel camp. Would’ve been my rookie year in 2010. Made the 20 man but I think it was me and Marvelle (Wynne) that were in the stands.”

“Taylor (Kemp)’s a very good left back. Good kid. Hard worker. Maybe Bruce wants to test some more people at wide back if he thinks that’s a weakness of the team.”

What kind of advice he gives to Rosenberry
“Keegan doesn’t need advice to be honest. We’re close and we talk a fair bit, but he doesn’t act like a rookie - mostly because he’s not a rookie but he doesn’t play like a 21 or 22 year old.”

Keegan Rosenberry:

Found out about call up
“Similar to the way a lot of players find out, confidential email that gets sent out a couple days before. Very exciting for me and obviously with the announcement yesterday it was a really exciting thing.”

Talks with Jurgen/MNT before firing
“I had not had too much with him. I participated in the scrimmage against the US team after a Copa game. Then the coaching change happened and it was out of my control. Happy to be involved now though.”

Playing all 34 games, season as a whole
“It was good, first thing I always talk about is being thankful to be able to play that much and it gives me confidence as a player. When we all look at each other we think we could perform better at the end of the season. As for now I feel good, the downtime was much needed and I’ve been able to recover from the long season.”

Having Chris and Ale with him for camp
“It’s awesome. I relate it to coming here after the draft. Seeing people you’ve gotten to know and even things like the All-Star week or going to the Cup in Toronto. Looking forward to working with Chris and Ale and hopefully it helps the Union as a club.”

“The NT call-up I said before it should be everyone’s goal to play with the MNT and I don’t want to put too much emphasis on it because I hope it isn’t the last time but I’m very excited for it.”

“Got off to a bad start and if they think that I can attribute something as a wide back I can, at the end of the day it’s up to the coaching staff but however I can contribute I will look forward to doing that.”

Alejandro Bedoya:

Team’s start to the Hexagonal round/Impact that has on Camp
“Not a good start at all, you could hear a pin drop in the locker room after the Costa Rica game, and after some changes you get a chance to start over. January camp in So Cal, new guys in, see what they can do. January camp is only two games, get to see some new faces and a good mix of veterans to hopefuly get some results in March.”

Played for everyone but Arena
“Don’t know him personally but everything I’ve heard from players or coaches is really good. Player’s manager which is nice to hear and he knows the system really well which helps.”

Knowing most of the players in camp
“I think so, like I said before about being in So Cal seeing familiar faces and even some of the guys we get to see for the first time gives you some perspective.”

Going to camp alongside teammates
“Testament to Albright and Curtin and the team. Especially nice to get to play with CP again. Great to see him get a call up again after everything he went through. For Keegan as a rookie to play every minute in MLS and then to get a chance to impress for his country. It feels like we are building something special here in Philly and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Looking forward to seeing any guys in camp
“Yeah, I mean I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody’s got. As a guy who’s been around you get a chance to see what everyone has and make them feel welcome. Newer faces that get talked about a lot that I don’t get to see often. It’ll be a good test in January camp. Lot of spots up for grabs with the coaching change and I’m really looking forward to it.”