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Philadelphia Union release 2017/18 secondary kits

The Union released their new kits in the most creative way yet

No, not these kits, but close
No, not these kits, but close
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

For the past week or so, the Union had been hinting at a music video being dropped on Monday, January 23rd. Earlier this afternoon, the Union released said video featuring players Moshow (Maurice Edu), Young Yaro (Josh Yaro), and the unlikely star, Ill-$inho (Ilsinho). Why is Ilsinho the unlikely star? BECAUSE HE WAS THE FIRST UNION PLAYER TO DAB IN THE NEW KITS. 

Ilsinho Dab Philadelphia Union

The Union have stuck to the white design shirt as their secondary, but seem to have added their signature navy to the sleeves and sides of the jerseys. Another notable difference is that the Union logo has moved from the center of the jersey to the right as it would be on the average soccer jersey. The logo is also an alternative logo using only navy and white. The Union are the second team to release their new jerseys this year, following the Portland Timbers reveal early in January.

To see the full video of the reveal, Click Here.

As per the video, the jerseys will be available starting February 1st.