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Bedoya and Wynalda throw hands on Twitter

Union midfielder Alejandro Bedoya fired off (and deleted) some tweets in response to criticism from FS1's Eric Wynalda.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Philadelphia Union and USMNT midfielder Alejandro Bedoya made headlines when he shot off some tweets at American soccer legend Eric Wynalda earlier today. It all started last night when Wynalda, who works for Fox Sports, lamented Bedoya's performance in the United States' World Cup qualifying match versus Trinidad & Tobago.

Bedoya fired back this morning with a series of tweets, the first of which has since been deleted.

While that third tweet is absolutely vicious, it pales in comparison to the first tweet, where Bedoya references an alleged affair that then-USMNT captain John Harkes had with Wynalda's wife prior to the 1998 World Cup. Of course, responding to Wynalda's criticism of match performance with a reminder of his wife's alleged past transgression was hardly an adult thing for Bedoya to do. Wynalda seemed to agree, as he hit back with the rare "stay classy" that was actually justified.

Bedoya responded angrily once more.

After retweeting some support from fans, Bedoya finally made a half-hearted apology.

When Kevin Kinkead of The Philly Voice asked Union Head Coach Jim Curtin about the ordeal earlier today, he said that he and Bedoya would "have a good discussion" about it.

Bedoya, who has a track record of taking very little shit on Twitter, somehow made Wynalda appear a sympathetic figure here. It is Wynalda's duty as a pundit to criticize, and Bedoya is well within his rights to respond to any criticism that may come his way. For the most part, Bedoya's synopsis of Wynalda's post-playing career was scathing. But busting out an "Are you mad because your wife (allegedly) cheated on you 20 years ago?" in an argument about soccer is pretty clearly uncalled for.

What do you think? Did Eric Wynalda have it coming, or does Bedoya take the L?