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Bethlehem Steel FC releases four players

In case you thought this wasn’t going to be a busy offseason

Bethlehem Steel FC have made a move for the future, parting ways with four players ahead of the 2017 season.

Nick Bibbs, Jamie Luchini, Gabe Gissie and Fred have all been released shortly after the end of the inaugural season for Bethlehem.

Nick Bibbs was probably the most useful player out of these four, and the center back was serviceable in his time with BSFC. He would go on to pair with Auston Trusty for the latter half of the regular season, and despite results the two looked like a solid pairing. He also bagged a goal in the July 31st match against Toronto FC II.

Jamie Luchini was a Lehigh University grad who didn’t see much action this year, grabbing a pro career high three shots in the fixture against Red Bull II on June 5th. His two starts didn’t show much, and the former Mountainhawk was relegated to the bench in favor of Justin McMaster et al as the season drew to a close.

Gabe Gissie was one of the only guys with USL experience to make the jump from Sacramento Republic. While he played in 18 matches on the wing, his one goal will probably be pointed to as the reason for his release. Scoring was a problem all year for Bethlehem, but with an abundance of young wingers and the recent singing of Yosef Samuel, Gissie was deemed surplus.

Finally, Fred was a great steward for Bethlehem, serving as both player and coach. While his playing time ended around the summer, the former Union midfielder was always active on the sideline and surely helped develop some of the youth in Bethlehem last year.

We of course wish Jamie, Nick, Gabe and Fred the best in their respective future endeavors.