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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Timbers 2

Even iambic pentameter wasn't enough to stop this game from unraveling.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure what I expected out of this game against the Portland Timbers. A point on the road would have been great, but looking ahead at our Philadelphia Union’s next couple of stops, we see some tough games. TFC and NYRB await as the Union continue their road trip. With only four games left in the season, Philly needs to pick up some points. Too bad our forwards aren’t scoring. Pontius can’t carry the team by himself. Let’s see how it all unraveled…

I thought the U could maybe grab a point
Alas their soccer roadshow disappoints
The goalies were the stars for quite a while
As they kept stopping shots with grit and style
But e’er the second half had scarce begun
The Timbers scored to go up oh-to-one
But while the cheering echoed through the air
Chris Pontius would score to make it square
Now tied at one with lots of time to play
Alas the U could not hold on today
At fifty-three Adi would redirect
A Mattocks shot to maximum effect
The Union could not find another tally
As final whistle blew at the finale
So TFC is who awaits them now
And then it’s off to Jersey for the Cows
I pray for points as on the road we travel
Or we could see our playoff hopes unravel