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Player rating survey: Philadelphia Union at Montreal Impact September 10th, 2016

You know the drill.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Union looked great for the majority of the match against the Montreal Impact, however a late lapse in concentration allowed Montreal to snatch two critical points away from the Union. There were some strong performances, however not everyone looked like they were in their best form. Barnetta's goal was something we'll see on highlight reels for a while, but the Union did wind up giving away possession very cheaply and players just made some poor decisions at times.

So how did the Union players individually perform against Montreal? Fill out the sheet by rating the players on a scale from 1-10 using the guide below. The votes will be counted and in the future we'll compare the fans votes against other player ratings to see just how well the Union did.

Here's the scale:

1 - not a pro (USL/NASL/MLS) quality performance

4 - average USL starter

6 - average MLS starter

9 - MLS All Star