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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - DC United 2

A look at the recent road loss, er... tie.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the changes that the Philadelphia Union made at the end of the transfer window, I was anxious to see the new additions. We got a small glimpse of Charlie Davies, but we’ll have to wait at least one more week to see Alejandro Bedoya in action. A point on the road isn’t bad, but this one felt like a loss. It stinks to lose points at the very end, but "them’s the breaks." Let’s see how it all went down against D.C. United in excruciating detail…

The Union looked ready to put on the bow
With just a few minutes till end of the show
But ‘twas not to be as DC found the net
And caused a result that I’d like to forget
It started off quickly in minute sixteen
As Kemp burned by Tribbett with foot moves obscene
His shot went by Blake and the home team had one
But thankfully Philly was bummed but not done
Tranquillo Barnetta, oh he of free kicks
Would tie up the game with one of his tricks
Over the wall and then back down again
His shot beat Hamid and all DC men
Close calls were had by both teams in the second
But fate held on fast as a tie had been reckoned
Former DC man Chris Pontius scored
The Union were now up by one on the board
But DC would bring it as final time came
Attacking relentlessly to tie the game
Finally with just mere seconds to go
The second DC goal by fate was bestowed
A loss was the feeling although they had tied
Winning was waiting but not certified
A point on the road, it could have been worse
But Philly needs help or they’ll end in a hearse
Bedoya and Davies should strengthen the game
If not, it’s the ref’s that I’m going to blame