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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - Toronto FC 3

Poetry Corner Kicks: Losing stinks.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The high from the Philadelphia Union’s big win last week was short lived.  With the Union back at home, it was Toronto FC playing the role of road victor.  In the end, Toronto’s firepower just proved too much to handle as the Union fell at home for the third time this year.  The Union had their chances, they just couldn’t put them away while the Red’s attack proved much more efficient.  Sebastian Giovinco and Jozy Altidore manhandled the Union’s defense on the day and Philly is left to lick their wounds heading into a week with two games.  So how did this one play out?

The U were back
And their attack
Had hoped to keep things humming
But not to be
‘gainst TFC
They had another thing coming

‘Vinco’s play
Was hard all day
And kept the defense guessing
Then in eighteen
His aim was keen
His goal was quite depressing

But in a flash
Ken Tribby smashed
A header in the goal
And just like that
The U were back
No longer in the hole

But this first half
Was full of gaffe’s
As Drew Moor scored for Red’s
He was parked
And left unmarked
And scored one with his head

Before the whistle
Fans would bristle
Goal for TFC!
Would score one more
The game was one to three

That’s the way
The game would play
And that’s how it would end
Philly’s grown
That they’ve shown
But still could not contend

They’d better find
A way to grind
And find more points in threes
Or down below
Red line they’ll go
And we’ll be ticked you see