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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 - RSL 2

Poetry Corner Kicks is getting a familiar feeling.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Poetry Corner Kicks is back after a long vacation. Perhaps I should have stayed away. It’s never as much fun to rhyme a loss, and the Philadelphia Union have had more of those recently since the departure of dear Vincent NogueiraMaurice Edu can’t come back soon enough. There is still definite improvement over last year, and I do believe that the playoffs are still a very real possibility. But there are some holes that need to be filled, to be sure. Let’s see how they fared against a tough Real Salt Lake side…

A drop to fourth place in the East is not a tragedy
But still it’s nice to win some games and get points by the threes
Here at home the Union fans were cheering for a win
But RSL was ready too and just would not give in
A scare for Philly fans in fifteen when Joao came in hard
His shot would carom off the post, its entrance was disbarred
But just before the halftime whistle came a PK call
CJ went down in the box while working for the ball
Alberg stepped up to the plate and scored the Union goal
RSL would find themselves at halftime in the hole
But not long after play resumed the visitors awakened
As Plata shot a curling ball - masterfully taken
At one a piece the Union were still very much alive
But just six minutes later Philly’s hopes would take a dive
Javier Morales shot a ball right over Blake
The score would cause some agony and gave some belly aches
Despite a spate of chances for the U before the end
The score remained at two to one, the U could not defend
Another game against DC is next upon the docket
Let’s hope the U can sneak their way and pick United’s pockets