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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 4 - Revolution 0

Poetry Corner Kicks: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

A short recap today, but what else needs to be said? With Alejandro Bedoya in the starting lineup, Charlie Davies getting his first Philadelphia Union assist, CJ Sapong, Chris Pontius, Richie Marquez, and Roland Alberg all scoring, this game was over before it started. The New England Revolution have some rebuilding to do after the Union took them apart…

Huzzah for wins out on the road
For fans that make the trip
Huzzah for Philly bringing goals
The U won four to zip

With Philly playing middlingly-
A low points-per-game clip
They fin’lly brought some fighting verve
The U won four to zip

In minute two the Union had
A win within their grip
CJ scored a nifty shot
The U won four to zip

The second came from Chrissy P
He cocked and let’er rip
Shuttleworth could not keep up
The U won four to zip

Just minutes after Chris’s goal
Marquez showed airmanship
His header at the post went in
The U won four to zip

Finally in ninety-three
The U claimed ownership
Of Alberg’s shot in Bobby’s net
The U won four to zip

Ale played and Davies played
As U won four to zip
One word now upon their minds
And that’s championship