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Match recap: Bethlehem Steel FC loses to City Islanders

Just not good enough as Steel FC fall to Harrisburg 1-0

The phrase "trap game" gets thrown around a lot. This was without a doubt, a trap game. Bethlehem Steel FC, with another different roster largely in part due to the recent loan of Mickey Daly to the Carolina Railhawks. Nick Bibbs slotted into Daly’s usual place, with Anderson filling in for Auston Trusty, who is currently in Spain with the United States U19 team. The Steel FC backline was pretty good today all things considered, neutralizing Jose Barril and limiting City Islanders FC to two chances on the day.

That’s where the problem lies with this game. One of those chances went in. One mistake was all it took for CIFC to find the goal. Cardel Benbow sent in a inch perfect cross to sub Brett Jankouskas, who slotted the ball past Matt Jones and put Harrisburg in the lead after 74 minutes.

Bethlehem’s attack was stifled. Cory Burke was great in the air at holding up play, but his lack of options was a big problem. Brendan Burke threw the kitchen sink at City Islanders, but even his largely attacking substitutes of Amoy Brown for Derrick Jones and Gabe Gissie for Cole Missimo couldn’t break down Harrisburg. Neither team got much working but in the end it was Harrisburg who made the most of what they were given and bested BSFC 1-0.

Steel FC will look to put the past behind them almost immediately as they will face Rochester on Sunday at 4:00 PM.