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Player rating results: Rating the comeback against our New York rivals

Chris Pontius is finally voted the game MVP!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Pontius was finally voted MVP by fans after he drew a penalty and scored the equalizer against rival New York Red Bulls last Saturday. His 8.3 game rating by fans was clearly the top score with Keegan Rosenberry taking a distance second place. Here are the fan vote results alongside those from Philly Soccer PageWhoscored and Philly Voice:

fan voting week 20

This game asked fans and pundits and interesting question: What's worse a red card or a gaffe that leads to a goal? Ilshino played a largely insipid game on the wing and then crushed the Union momentum with a red card after the Union had equalized. The problem is he didn't really deserve the red. So can we rate him poorly?  Meanwhile Tribbett's passing error in the first half handed the Red Bulls their opening goal. Tribbett actually battled back and had a solid game but fans can be unforgiving. They voted Tribbett as LVP with a wretched 3.8 rating. Overall however, Ilshino received the lowest average score. One pundit and a context-free robot voted Ilshino's the worst performance and that was enough to give him the overall "award."

Rare numbers for Carroll

Brian Carroll had a solid night against New York and the fans even noticed by voting him third best player overall.  Carroll has been ranked the 11th best player by fans so far this year, so it is noteworthy that his performance was recognized. Carroll actually led the Union with 40 passes and completed a team high 80% of them, including two key passes. He's a guy that never leads the team in anything typically and just goes about his business quietly. His defensive stats were also notable. he made three tackles, four interceptions and two clearances which were more than the stats of the other midfielders combined.

The fans missed a good opportunity to rate Marquez strongly. I thought he has one of his better games this season and overall he had the third best performance according to the ratings. Statistically he had a strong game with three tackles, three interceptions and nine clearances.

The Union head to Montreal for a big Eastern Conference match up this Saturday. We'll be rating the players as usual right after the game.