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Crying Jordan MLS Logo Gallery

Because making fun of other teams will never not be something we do.

It's no secret that Philadelphia fans don't get along with any other fans. Philadelphia Union fans are no exception - from the Sons of Ben cheering against both the New England Revolution and New York Red Bulls at a U.S. Open Cup match in 2006 to ten years later when fans proclaim "No one likes us, we don't care!" Pick any club in Major League Soccer, and we make fun of them. From clubs we love to hate like the Red Bulls and New York City FC to clubs we barely notice but don't like nonetheless (looking at you, San Jose and Vancouver) and everyone else in between.

Combine our dislike of these teams and an evening of boredom and you have this gallery of Crying Michael Jordan logos for each MLS team. I'm sure you've seen these all before and that someone else did them better, but whatever. Feel free to use them while trash talking on Twitter or Reddit - wherever there is trash talking to be done. Know someone who is a fan of a team that's not yet a team like Atlanta United FC or Cobb County or LAFChivas? We made logos for them and all of the defunct clubs too so they wouldn't feel left out.

Think you can do better? You probably can. Feel free to make your own Crying Jordan logo and post it below. We certainly didn't invent this.