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Player rating results: One more look at the thrashing of DC United

Consensus on the Union's best player this week but some disagreement on who was least valuable.

Was Tribbet great or meh on Saturday night?
Was Tribbet great or meh on Saturday night?
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The best part about waiting for the fan votes to come in this week was I knew I would get to relive one of the more complete Union performances this season. The completeness of the thrashing was evident in the stands as well. When the guy next to you offers to trade shirts with DC United coach Ben Olsen in the middle of the game and the two get into a screaming match where the coach tells my neighbor his shirt is "f*ck&ng ugly", you know the Union are playing their best. On to the results which this week are a bit odd.

What's not odd is the near unanimous vote for Ilshino as player of the game. Even Adam Cann of PSP granted the Brazilian at perfect 10 rating. It was love all around for a complete performance and the coming out party Curtin hinted was coming. Here are the final results including ratings from Whoscored and Kevin Kinkead.

fan voting week 19

What's strange about this match is that no one agreed on the least valuable player. The fans picked Ken Tribbet (while the bot from whoscored voted him 2nd best). Adam Cann picked Andre Blake. Although a solid score, Whoscored gave Barnetta the low with a 7.02 rating. Kinkead gave it to Alberg and Barnetta. Barnetta overall wins the dubious prize despite his excellent pass that set up the Pontius run that resulted in the first goal. It's worth noting that no starter was rated below a 7 by the fans, a first this season, so getting voted least valuable player is not really an insult.

This week's algorithmic oddity

Let's dig in on the "divisive" performance what was Tribbett's. Kinkead agreed with the Whoscored bot's overall rating for Tribbett while the fans and PSP saw nothing special. A look at the stats does paint solid light on Tribbett however. Tribbet led the team in touches with 87 and total passes with 70 and completed a solid 88.6% of those passes. He also cleared 7 balls, made 2 tackles and had 4 interceptions.

The fans also were relatively unimpressed with Carroll as well. Upon reviewm that's a head scratcher. He attempted almost as many passes as Tribbett with 64 and completed an excellent 95.4% of them, including 7 of 7 for passes beyond 25 yards. He also had five tackles, an interception and a clearance. A very very solid performance from Carroll this week and something to learn this week from the robots at Whoscored. Sometimes they show us a thing or two.

In the end it's tough to pick a least valuable player in a game like we saw. Perhaps the LVP was really Ben Olsen for his team's sad performance and for cursing at a fan who simply wanted to remember this game for the rest of his life. Never a bad thing.