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USMNT 0 Colombia 2 - The sky isn't falling

Rumors of the USMNT's demise are greatly exaggerated

United States v Colombia: Group A - Copa America Centenario Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

If you've spent any time on social media since the end of the game you may believe the sky is falling. The USMNT is done for. Ruined. Crash and burning out of the tournament.

If that is the type of article you're looking for, I suggest you move on.

Let's get the facts straight:

  • Colombia was the favorite in the group - no shame in losing to the favorite

Breaking down the first point. Colombia is ranked 3rd in the world right now. I know we want to see the US be a dominant force, but that just isn't the reality right now. The 3rd-ranked team in the world should be beating the US. Anything else would be an upset. Luckily, the US faced them in the group stage and can afford a subpar performance at this stage. Let's not act like the US lost to Tonga (bottom of FIFA ranking at 209). The US can learn from this and be successful still in the Copa America tournament.

  • The US lost 2-0 on a great volley and a penalty that was debatable

In terms of the goals that were scored on the US, the first was a great strike from a center back. Yes, the marking on corners needs to tighten up and the opportunity shouldn't be given, but let's admire the strike it was. If Cristian Zapata is given that same service 10 more times he hits 3 over the top, 3 wide, 2 right at the keeper and misses it the remaining 4 times. The second goal was a penalty given on a cross that would have caused very little concern as the Colombian attack was well-marked. The handball call is one that is probably 50/50. Is it a handball? Technically, yes, but if you polled 100 refs, it would be pretty evenly divided as to who would make that call or not. It is a tough break that it was called.

  • Colombia's 'keeper, David Ospina, was the man of the match

Ospina is a Premier League goalkeeper and rose to the occasion in the second half. He was stranded on a first half shot from Dempsey that just curled around the post at 1-0, and was saved by his man on the post in a second-half header from a corner, but then he took the game over. On a nearly perfect free kick from Dempsey, Ospina flew across the goal and got both hands to the ball to keep it out of the net. On the ensuing long throw-in he was filled with confidence from the previous save, and it showed as he flew through a crowd to secure the cross. The US tried to turn the tide in the second half, but Ospina made sure it didn't happen.

  • No one really stood out for the USMNT

If I told you no one on the USMNT would play well before the game, you would have expected a 3 or 4 nothing loss. The fact that even on a bad day, the team was able to hold a tournament favorite to just 2-0 and stay in the game is a positive to move forward with. There is no way that Michael Bradley plays that poorly again in this tournament. It was a game he will want to forget and luckily it is a quick turn around for both he and the team so they can get back out on the field and move on.

Many people will be looking for a way to pin this loss on Jurgen Klinsmann, but the truth is, he put the best lineup out on the field and the players really let him down. It isn't the end of the world though. A match up against Costa Rica, who will be on one day less rest than the USMNT, and who are also missing their star 'keeper. The USMNT are still in a position to get out of the group and make waves this tournament.