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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 - Whitecaps 3

Poetry Corner Kicks is worried about the defense

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Another game, another three goals surrendered. I almost don’t mind losing games if we make a good showing. Alas, the Philadelphia Union defense is looking very porous and NYCFC, Fire, and Vancouver Whitecaps have all teed off on us.  On the other hand, the Union have scored eight goals in the last three games. Usually that would be good for more than three out of nine available points. But when you give up nine in that same stretch, it spoils the offensive effort. So how’d it all go down?

The U at home
Their winning zone
Alas ‘twas not today
For though they fought
It was for naught
Their defense fell away
Roland scored
The team was floored
He now has five in three
But then the Caps
Would plug their gaps
And hit a scoring spree
First was Andy
Taking candy
From Blake’s "save" of corner
Then was ‘Kuta
A sharpshoota
Home fans changed to mourners
Down by one
When half was done
The Union still had life
The game-time stats
Wore Philly hats
But could not end the strife
Near the end
The caps would send
Their final killer blow
Christian’s goal
Took its toll
The U had lost the show
To save some face
And shrink disgrace
We scored in stoppage time
Mister P.
Said "look at me"
His header was sublime
But far too late
To change their fate
Was Chris’s final tally
They lost the game
To bring them shame
The Union couldn’t rally
Philly’s D
Has let in three
For three games in a row
Let’s hope they can
Quick find a plan
Against the Dynamo